The Art of Mathematics

Help 3.1


1. Function

Keypad provides access to all calculation functionality of the calculator.

Fig. 1. Calculator Keypad. Fig. 1. Calculator Keypad.

2. How to use

Click the corresponding key to enter function into the editor window or perform the command. You can adjust the behavior of the Keypad buttons in the calculator Preferences.

3. Keys

Below you will find the list of Keypad keys and their functions:

1sinSine function
2csc or cosecCosecant function
3cosCosine function
4secSecant function
5tan or tgTangent function
6cot or ctgCotangent function
7sinh or shHyperbolic sine function
8cschHyperbolic cosecant function
9cosh or chHyperbolic cosine function
10sechHyperbolic secant function
11tanh or thHyperbolic tangent function
12coth or cthHyperbolic cotangent function
13expExponential function
14lnNatural logarithmic function
15log or lgDecimal logarithmic function
16^Power function
17absAbsolute value function
19arcsinArc sine function
20arccsc or arccosecArc cosecant function
21arccosArc cosine function
22arcsecArc secant function
23arctan or arctgArc tangent function
24arccot or arcctgArc cotangent function
25arsinh or arshArc-hyperbolic sine function
26arcschArc-hyperbolic cosecant function
27arcosh or archArc-hyperbolic cosine function
28arsech or arschArc-hyperbolic secant function
29artanh or arthArc-hyperbolic tangent function
30arcoth or arcthArc-hyperbolic cotangent function
31ππ constant
32ee constant
33( )Parenthesis
34[ ]Brackets
35/* */Comment
36+Plus operator
37Minus operator
38*Multiply operator
39/Divide operator
400 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .Numeric keys
42=Equals command
43= allEquals all command
44Store to memory operator
45memMemory recall operator
46freeFree memory command
47rsltResult symbol
48enterEnter command
49; enterSemicolon enter command
50clearClear command
51Backspace command
Table. 1. Keypad key functions.