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Scientific Formula Calculator

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Fig. 1. Scientific formula calculator Librow F. Fig. 1. Scientific formula calculator Librow F.

Easy to learn


Type formulae in familiar notation and evaluate them

Librow F calculator is a formula calculator, which means it can evaluate the whole expression at once.

To evaluate expressions in the calculator or program it use book notation, Eastern or Western, and a couple of keywords: mem and rslt.

Use rslt to access the current result like:

Use mem to store values to memory like:


And use it to recall the stored values as:


Seems, now you know everything about syntax.



Program sophisticated calculations

If your calculations are long, complicated and multistaged — scientific calculator Librow F can manage that for you. Enter all your formulae, use memory for storing results and utilizing them in other formulae, evaluate single formula or all of them at once, run your calculations as a script.

Here is a primitive script sample, which calculates phase, sets time and evaluates expression as a function of phase and time:

//   Calculate phase
//   Set time
//   Evaluate expression

Case study. Download script samples to study how Librow F calculator can help you to organize your calculations.

Integrated text processor


See everything you have entered, edit, comment, evaluate

Enter your formulae from PC keyboard, edit them, insert comments. Your edit window area is limited only by the display of your PC. Change the text editor font to your likeness.

Statistics support


Calculate mean, variance, deviations, skewness and kurtosis

Calculate mean, variance, standard and average deviations, skewness and kurtosis in one click — put the input data into memory and click Statistics button to evaluate all parameters.

Fig. 2. Statistics window. Fig. 2. Statistics window.

File support


Save your calculations to disk

Save your work to disk. Librow F calculator files have text format, you can edit and create calculations in any text editor and then load into calculator for evaluation. Run your calculation scripts without loading them into the editor.

Print support


Print your calculations and control how they appear on paper

You can print your calculations, control how they appear on paper, add header and footer to every page with file data, date, time and page number, set proper margins and preferable fonts.

Fig. 3. Page setup dialog. Fig. 3. Page setup dialog.

Smart keypad


Detach, hide and customize keypad appearance and behavior

You can hide the keypad to maximize display area and work from PC keyboard only. Or you can detach and place it at any comfortable position. Change color, size and appearance to your likeness. Select the notation of preference.

Fig. 4. Keypad. Fig. 4. Detached Keypad in custom colors.

Advanced memory control


Allocate as much memory as you need, save it to disk

You can allocate as many memory cells for intermediate results as you need, just provide unique names for them. You can save memory to disk to use results in other calculations.

Fig. 5. Memory window. Fig. 5. Memory window.

Context help


Get help for any item you see just in two clicks

Getting help for any item you can see in Librow F calculator is as easy as two clicks — just click the information button in the toolbar and then click the item of interest — and you will be taken to the page with explanation.

Fig. 6. Librow F calculator help. Fig. 6. Librow F calculator Help.

Embedded function handbook


Get definition, graph and identities for any function just in two clicks

As its part Librow F calculator help has a function handbook, which contains all function definitions, graphs and identities. To access the handbook click the information button in the toolbar and then click the corresponding function button in the keypad — and you will be taken to the handbook function page like “arcsin — trigonometric arc sine function”.

Fig. 7. Librow F calculator handbook. Fig. 7. Embedded handbook.

Technical data


Compact, smart, efficient

Precision: double

Number input and output format: decimal (standard notation) and exponential (scientific notation)

Supported operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Supported functions:

RAM: min 4 MB

Size on disk: application — 3.9 MB, its help — 2.1 MB

Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10; 32-bit and 64-bit



msi — Microsoft Installation for easy deployment

To install the software download the installation, launch it and follow the wizard instructions.


zip — just compressed files

To install the software download the file and unpack the archive into the folder of your choice. The archive contains two files: calculator executable and calculator help.