The Art of Mathematics

Help 3.1.14

 — store to memory operator

1. Function

Use this operator to store result of evaluation to calculator memory. Afterwards you can access the stored value for further calculations.

2. How to use

To store the number as x:


To store the complex number as z:


To store current result as x:


To store number x in calculator memory as y:


To store the result of expression evaluation:


The operator has the lowest priority, thus it will be engaged after the expression is evaluated. So, you can use it to store intermediate values:


You can name your memory values whatever you like:

8.2−>mem[Carrier frequency φ+];

Just avoid using parentheses, brackets and braces inside memory value names.

3. To recall the stored value

To recall the value you have stored to calculator memory use memory recall operator mem:

mem[Carrier frequency φ+];

4. Support

Complex numbers are supported in professional version of the Librow calculator.